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Take a look at a few quick tips for parenting teens from Amy Gallimore, C.A.M.P. manager and family therapist at Kindred Place.

Meet Asia, one of our wonderful practicum students!

For more than 30 years, the agency you’ve known as the Exchange Club Family Center has been helping children by healing families. The organization will now be reintroducing itself under a new name: Kindred Place.

It’s important to allow yourself to experience all emotions, including anger, in healthy ways. Anger is a natural emotion and it is not the enemy, but how a person chooses to act on it is extremely important.

Anger is a normal emotion. The Exchange Club Family Center has developed a 10-week program to help children, teens and parents find methods of anger management that work.

Last month, Kindred Place launched a 10-week program called, “Let’s Talk About Parenting.” The program provides parents with skills and resources to balance love and discipline with their children.

May is Mental Health Awareness Month, which is timely for one in six adults who are living with mental illness in the U.S. Whether you are impacted by mental illness, or you know someone who is, we have a few tips to help make sure that your mental health is a top priority.

Steve Moorman has been a blessing to The Family Center, and to the at-risk children he's served for nearly the past decade, and we are sad to see him leave our organization at the end of June.

While parenting can be a hard topic to discuss at times, two employees at the Exchange Club Family Center are here to break it down with a 10-week “Let’s Talk About Parenting” program designed just for you.

Get to know Ashley Murphy, the Family Center's Family Services Therapist .

Get to know Angela Rusk, the Family Center's Client Services Therapist.

Children who witness violence – often called the silent victims – are more likely to exhibit unruly behavior, to be victimized as adults, or to become abusive themselves.

Inspiring kids and parents through his words and actions has been Reggie White's goal since becoming a volunteer for the Family Center in 2006.

On February 24, we danced the night away at Ballet Memphis for one of the best events of the year, our annual Hands of Hope Auction Party!

Get to know Bob, in our latest "Why I Give" donor profile.

We're proud to announce the appointment of Nicky Hitching as development director of The Exchange Club Family Center.

Get to know Amanda Russell, the Family Center's Director of Strategic Planning for the Domestic Violence Assessment Center.

Whatever your New Year’s resolution may be, we have a few outlined ideas to help you make 2018 matter.

Donor Suzie Bowen shares why she contributes to our organization.

We hope you’ll consider donating to The Family Center this holiday season.

Get to know Patricia Maynard, the Family Center's Director of Clinical Program Services.

Get to know Katie Bailey, the Family Center's Director of Interns and Volunteers.

To be truly human requires both the capacity for empathy and the capacity for joy, and we cannot give up either for the other.

Get to know Katie Laws, the Family Center's Community Outreach Specialist.

During last year’s Hilton Global Month of Service, we were fortunate to have over 60 Hilton Memphis employees come to The Family Center and transform a couple of our rooms.

Get to know Judy Reynolds, the Family Center's Receptionist.

Get to know Juanita Sandria, the Family Center's Bilingual Intake Specialist.

Summer is the perfect time to be outside with your kids.

Get to know Robert Holdford, the Family Center's Director of DVAC.

Summer is quickly approaching, which means that schools will let out soon.

Get to know Mary Jane Thompson, the Family Center's Registered Play Therapist.

Get to know Gabrielle Woods-Clark, the Family Center's Certified Parent Aide.

Get to know Stephanie Eggleston, the Family Center's DVAC Administrative Manager.

Get to know Jennifer Balink, the Family Center's Executive Director.

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